Thursday, March 13, 2008

Today was a long day. And I do mean long. Miss A (my three year old) had preschool this morning. Now usually my two oldest ride with a friend to school. However this morning, Miss R (7) was dragging her toes most magnificently. Procrastinating about procrastinating. By the time all four children were ready to go out the door it was past time for us to be at said friends house. So I called her and said, I'm just going to take them. Okay, sure, fine, no problem. Get to school (on time), get them to their classes and Miss A announces she needs to go to the bathroom. Take her to the bathroom and just as we are going in, I run into my friend who offers to pick the brats children after school, she just needs to get the carpool number and booster seats. I finish with Miss A, get to the car and get them buckled in and meet my friend, Patty, at her car. Get everything there taken care of. Already late getting Miss A to school. Decide to be a bit later and talk to Patty for a bit. Take off and walk Miss A in as we missed carpool. Mr H (2) lost one of his Thomas the Tank Engine trains as we walked. Luckily he didn't notice. Talked to Miss A's teacher about the Easter egg hunt they will be doing next week (I'm the room parent). Walk back to the van, finding the train along the way, get Mr H into his seat and talk with MIL a bit while on the way to Target. She met me there and we did a bit of shopping. Then it was back to get Miss A. Once home it was kind of a blur. I think I was going to clean but got sidetracked by blogs and what not. Then the older two were home and I made dinner, got on them to get homework done and then it was off to soccer practice for Mr P(6). I had Miss R with me too. After soccer practice we joined up with my mom and did a bit of shopping, pulling into home around 7:30. After a brief period where they watched tv and I, well, lets just say I was indisposed but now feel about 20 pounds lighter, it was time for bed. Now that's done, they are tucked n. I'm going to finish up this post, get myself a glass of ginger ale with some cherries in it, and enjoy an hour of my guilty pleasure before turning in myself! Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!


Mrs. G. said...

Ginger ale and cherries? You really know how treat yourself. Hope it was delicious. Fresh, frozen or cocktail cherries?

Crafty Mom said...

cocktail, of course!