Thursday, February 28, 2008

That's What Wigs Are For

I, as anyone can tell you if they know me well, am an avid Project Runway watcher. I've eagerly sat through all four seasons, anticipating the challenges with the designers. On occasions, I agree with the judges decisions and on others I have to wonder if we are looking at the same outfits. On any number of episodes, I have thought to myself, Self, if fashion design was our chosen field and we were talented enough to be on this show, what would we make for this challenge. And then I wonder what the judges would say about it.

Now, if you too are a watcher of this highly entertaining show, you will know that last night there was a showdown of sorts between Chris and Rami. Chris is a costume designer while Rami loves to drape things.
While they both executed interesting designs, I thought Chis showed a bit more promise. Even if he did incorporate human hair into his clothing. Yes. Human hair. I don't think he would really design something like that for consumer use, I think he was trying for a big Pow! impact for the judges. Unfortunately, the judges did not think much of it and we had to say adieu to Chris March.

So who are we left with, you ask. What can compete against human hair as a trim? What indeed!

First up, we have the winner of last night's "showdown", Rami. As I mentioned, Rami loves to drape his clothing. In fact, all I have ever seen him do are dresses. There was one episode that involved a pair of pants, but he didn't make them. Don't get me wrong, he does do good work, beautiful in fact, but I can only take so much draping! And I had to agree with the judges that the coat he showed last night was not his best effort. I
didn't even care for the color. Ah well. Our next contender is Christian.

When the show first started I did not care for him. I found him conceited, obnoxious, and just plain irritating. As the show wore on though, he started to grow on me. Now he is conceited, obnoxious, and irritating, but I find him to be oddly amusing and even a bit refreshing in a way. When Tim Gunn stopped by to check on his collection, I had to pause. Were those feathers on those pants? Just about everything he does is very voluminous. It will be interesting to see his whole collection next week!

Finally, we have Jillian. I like Jillian. She does a fabulous job. My one complaint is that she has a ton of jackets. Jackets here, jackets there. Does one really need all of these jackets? They are meticulously done. They are gorgeous. There are a few I wouldn't mind owning. But you need to wear them with something, right? Perhaps she just hadn't gotten to that point when Tim was making his rounds. I dearly hope so.

Tune in next week when we see who wins the grand Project Runway prize!

btw-would someone please tell me who to do strikes through a word? Thank you in advance!

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see you there! said...

Never having watched the show I can't comment on the fashions. I do however hope someone comes up with something new for spring. It is really dreary around here, not to mention everything looks like it come off the same rack.