Sunday, January 20, 2008

Winter White

It's hard to believe that January is almost over. A few short weeks and we will be welcoming February, a nice short month before we can embrace the coming of Spring. Recently we had a small snowfall, about an inch. It dusted the lawns and trees, the patio table and the grill. It frosted the tops of cars and covered windshields. It was beautiful to see the swirling flakes fall, pure white against the blue gray sky. By the next morning the snow was all but gone. A few patches remained on the deck and a few icicles clung to the undercarriage of the van. I think that was all of our Winter though. If we get anything else I'll be surprised.

I can't stand the bleakness any longer though. Everything looks and feels so drab. I want to drag out my meager Valentine's Day decor just for a splash of color. I know if I do it too soon I'll be despising it mid February, so I will just bide my time and think of Spring.

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