Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thanksgiving Work In Progress

Ugh! My digital camera needs batteries!

Although Thanksgiving is being hosted by my Mother In Law this year, I decided to make favors for everyone. I was inspired by the Jen over at The Felt Mouse. I loved the idea of acorn boxes, but the number of people I need to make them for (eight, plus four small children) was greater than my pocketbook.

Instead I decided on paper cones. I found beautiful brown and gold paper at Michaels along with some lightweight wood oak leaf cutouts. Those I'm going to paint to paint (either brown with a gold edge or all gold...not sure...any ideas?) and put a name on. The cones will be filled with Thanksgiving Blessing Mix.


see you there! said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Your Thanksgiving plans sound good, thanks for posting the links too.

Hope you get your camera going soon. I'll be back.


Sarah and Jack said...

Those acorns are cute aren't they? The price though when yoou figure that most people have a large number of guests, wow. Martha, martha, martha!